New trial to see how EVs can help stabilise power grids

    A major challenge of managing an electricity network now and into the future is high volumes of solar energy during the day – this week, a multi-million dollar electric vehicle (EV) home-charging trial is loo... more

  • NERA launches Australia’s first hydrogen capability finder


    Green hydrogen critical to decarbonisation but remains a challenging investment

    Nanuk Asset Management (Nanuk) has detailed in a recent webinar presentation to Australian financial advisers the challenges facing green hydrogen that limit its current investment potential. Green hydrogen ... more


    Rooftop solar PV curtailment raises fairness concerns

    Solar PV curtailment is the intentional reduction of power output from solar energy systems to the grid, allowing management of voltage to prevent possible unsafe increase in voltage levels, but also limiting t... more


    New roadmap paves the way for decarbonised precincts

    The Green Building Council of Australia has released a roadmap to decarbonise Australia’s precincts – setting a net zero goal for new precincts by 2030, and existing precincts by 2050. GBCA senior manag... more

  • New trial to see how EVs can help stabilise power grids
  • Green hydrogen critical to decarbonisation but remains a challenging investment
  • Rooftop solar PV curtailment raises fairness concerns
  • New roadmap paves the way for decarbonised precincts
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Queensland building reforms to back solar, transparency and safety

The Queensland government has reaffirmed its commitment to helping more homeowners install solar panels among a suite of reforms to help consumers and industry. Minister for Public Works Mick de Brenni said reforms introduced to Queensland's parliament were aimed at reinforcing the rights of homeowners as well as enhancing the building industry’s regulatory framework. He said amendments relating to home solar panels, greywater and holding tanks sought to reflect contemporary expectations about the environmental sustainability and efficiency of buildings. De Brenni said: “The bill fixes the uncertainty around the application of the ‘ban the banners’ provisions, protecting homeowners from developer…
Australia’s first Renewable Gas Certification Pilot

Europe can halve power sector gas consumption for electricity according to report

Europe can cut its power sector gas consumption in half, reduce energy costs by 323 billion Euros (US$356 billion) and increase energy independence by 2030 if it rapidly scales up its renewable capacity, according to a new report from Wärtsilä. To tackle the energy crisis and enable rapid decarbonisation, the technology company is calling on European leaders to implement a monumental but achievable level of cross-country coordination and investment to deliver up to 80 gigawatts per year of renewable capacity, backed by flexible balancing technologies. The ambitious approach modelled in the report would see renewable energy share in electricity generation…

Queensland’s clean energy company signs up major new retail customers

Publicly-owned energy generator and retailer CleanCo has struck a deal with Australian retail giant Wesfarmers to provide renewable energy to a number of its major subsidiaries - Kmart, Target, Bunnings, and Officeworks. Queensland Energy Minister Mick de Brenni said the deal represents a major step forward for renewable energy made and delivered in Queensland. He said: “This is proof our publicly-owned CleanCo is getting on with the job of connecting businesses in Queensland to clean, reliable energy from Queensland renewables and helping decarbonise our economy. “Every time Queenslanders visit these iconic retailers – whether to Bunnings for mowers, Officeworks for…

Survey to shed light on Queensland’s future power trends

Thousands of Queenslanders will have the opportunity to give their views on energy usage, electric vehicles and emerging technologies following the launch of Australia’s most comprehensive study of household energy use. The Queensland Household Energy Survey is run annually by Powerlink in conjunction with Energex and Ergon Energy, as part of the Energy Queensland group. The survey provides valuable insights into current and future energy trends. Queensland’s Minister for Energy Mick de Brenni called on Queenslanders to share their views on items like rooftop solar, household and community batteries, and electric vehicles. De Brenni said: “This annual survey helps our…
IPCC report finds climate change is widespread, rapid and intensifying

New IPCC report issues warning to governments to speed up renewables

The United Nations and the world’s scientists are calling for an end to fossil fuels in the third instalment of the IPCC’s Sixth Assessment Report, noting there must be “rapid, deep and immediate cuts” to greenhouse gas emissions. The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) has released its landmark Working Group III report ‘Climate Change 2022: Mitigation of Climate Change’, compiled by thousands of scientists over the past eight years. The central message of the report is clear: despite affordable renewable energy solutions being available now, governments and businesses are failing to act – global greenhouse gas emissions must peak…
Feedback sought on Queensland’s renewable energy zones

Australia to adopt gold standard in measuring energy sector jobs

Australia is to adopt the United States’ gold standard of measuring energy sector jobs, with the Commonwealth Department of Industry, Science, Energy and Resources (DISER) announcing their commitment to delivering the inaugural Australian Energy Employment Report (AEER). This survey will identify jobs and skills in the energy sector to train and prepare the workforce of the future. Clean energy is a multi-billion-dollar sector that employs hundreds of thousands of Australians. However, the jobs across the whole energy sector including renewable energy and energy efficiency have never been systemically counted. The AEER is a key outcome of research by the Reliable…

Energy Vision for a net zero future

Australia’s power and gas grids are becoming smarter, more integrated and more efficient as they play a critical role in delivering the clean energy transition. This is the future described in Energy Networks Australia’s Energy Vision, released last week in the lead up to the network sector’s major conference EN2022 in Brisbane. Developed in consultation with networks, consumer groups and energy market bodies, the vision describes how our energy networks will work together and with customers to help deliver a secure and reliable net zero energy future, giving consumers greater control over their energy use and driving down costs. ENA…